Kegan Eastham

Alt Text A few creations from Kegan Eastham

Born march 16, 1990 I learned to draw shortly after learning to run, but prior learning to read.  Being full of energy and mischief, sitting to draw quickly became encouraged by my mother and siblings.
I started by taking my older brother’s sketchbook to draw everything I could.  From there I started drawing my favorite cartoon, movie and video game characters.
In high school I had an amazing art teacher help me to better channel artistic thoughts and talents.
In college I was unable to keep drawing/art off the mind.  This gave me the idea to make my world what I wanted it to be.  I then traded school to learn the art world and started my tattoo apprenticeship at age 19.
Including the apprenticeship, I tattooed at multiple studios in Texas over the next 5 years.
Recently I’ve decided to travel and learn even more about art to find my own style.
I am now on what I call my “art pilgrimage” living each moment as it comes.  I hope to meet like minded artists and friends while I learn what life has to offer, bettering my creative talents.


Phone:  (04) 2338 2662


PS  I plan to get a blog going soon to share my most influential experiences and ideas so stay tuned.